I walked out into the woods this early morning, and watched the sun come up.  Tall trees shadowed the sun and left me in cool shade for a long time.  While I stood there, leaning against a tree, I watched a doe and her fawn thread their way between bushes and trees, making for the pond and a morning drink.  The delicacy of their hoof placement gave them the air of two dancers following a well-memorized movement of limbs and heads.  Then they reached the pond, and lowered their heads down to the water.

It was a quiet time.  No other humans seemed to be anywhere about, which is normal for my little forest.  Because so many creatures live here, I knew I would soon see rabbits and chipmunks, too. Birds would be foraging, and giving final lessons in foraging to their young ones.  The parents often leave for south a week or two ahead of their nestlings.  The lessons in foraging, you see, are very important.

As the sun rose, so did the life of the forest, with flickers, pine siskins, chickadees and bluebirds all beginning their morning discussions.

I stood very still as two young rabbits hopped past me and toward some succulent sprouts of grass, green from the recent rain. Then, moving slowly, I started back for the house, thankful to live in a place where the elk still call, the fox still hides in the tall grasses, and the bluebirds forage on the lawn for grass seeds and grasshoppers.

There is no government in the forest here, and there is peace.  I have come to think that these two concepts are antithetical.  I am happy I live in this forest.


3 September, 2010

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