My Sleep/Wake Cycle

I hate having clock changes: it interrupts and unhealthily shifts our wake/sleep patterns for a long time.  It interferes with each individual’s natural harmony with the cycles of the Earth, Sun, and Moon.  It shifts the sleeping hours of everyone from the baby, to the school child, to the mother, to the worker, to the venerated wise elders.

It is not healthy.

I think this is the last year anyone should put up with this nonsense.  We are self-responsible people, and we can conduct ourselves to the same time on the clock though the shifting of the seasons of light and darkness.  We were doing that successfully for a long time before that malware of society called government invented stupid laws about clock-changing.

I’m not doing it anymore.  I understand time zones, but is there any logical, reasonable, rational incentive for anyone to shift their clocks twice a year?

There is no logical, rational reason for daylight savings time.  Stop it.  It does not make any sense.

iloilo 14 march 2011


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